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Zero To Blackjack In 60 Seconds

Blackjack is really very simple in its aim: beat the dealer, by getting a hand that is closer in value, but not exceeding 21.

Remember that in blackjack each person is playing against the dealer, so there's no need to analyze the other players, and no need to be secretive about your hand.

To get started, you lay your bet. The cards will then be dealt; two to each player, sometimes face up, sometimes face down, depending on the type of game your playing. Following the deal each player is given the choice of if he wants another card, or wants to stick with what he's got.

The best possible result is a blackjack or natural, which is 21 from your first 2 cards with a payout of 3:2 usually paid immediately. Once the players have completed their hands the dealer will complete his hand; anyone who beat him will get their payout, and everyone who lost to him will loose their bet.

The only thing your missing is, the value of the cards, and that's no harder than the rest of the game. The number cards are all what they say they are, the picture cards all have a value of 10, the ace can be either an 11 or a 1 and hands containing an ace are known as "soft" precisely because of this flexibility.

Last but not least, the suits have no values. Simple as that! Well Just a few exception - The European No Hole Card rule has the dealer receive only one card at the outset, receiving the second only once the players have finished their hands; most likely an online casino will offer the "Dealer stand on all 17s", but some casinos will have a "Dealer hits soft 17" rule. That's it – blackjack in under 5 minutes!

So all you have to do now is start to play blackjack now you have the rules. Good luck at the tables! 


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