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Doubling down for additional profit.

An essential part of any blackjack player’s tactics and strategy is the double down and when to use it for maximum advantage.

Being able to double down basically means that you are allowed to double your bet after receiving your fist two cards under certain circumstances. You are then dealt one more card and no more.

Blackjack is a very popular casino game online and casinos (both on and offline) may have different house rules when it comes to doubling down so always be sure you are aware of the casino’s policy. Some may even let you double down after splitting a pair.

By employing basic blackjack strategy you may be able to ascertain optimum double down opportunities when you have an edge over the dealer. Mostly this is when the dealer is holding a weak card – for example when they are showing an up card which may cause them to bust out.

The worst cards for the dealer from this perspective is anything between a two and a six because even if they draw a ten or picture card next they still have to draw again.

Remember that when doubling down you are also doubling your bet. But don’t be afraid to throw those chips around when you feel good about your chances and the odds are in your favour or the dealer is in possible trouble.

Or if you feel nervous about doubling down then it is suggested you play at a table with stakes you are comfortable with and can afford.

Doubling down can be a very profitable strategy. Look for opportunities and seize the day!

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