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Blackjack - The History of Card Counting Card counting - the only sure way to make money from blackjack.

Unlike poker, where a solid online poker strategy can make you filthy rich, smart tactics and correct play won't get you all the way in blackjack.

The house always has an edge. But just like skilled poker players master the math of poker, blackjack players can use calculations to their advantage. Today, card counting is common knowledge and the casinos do everything they can to stop it. But how did it all start?

Beat the Dealer
Edward O. Thorp is a name that everyone who has ever tried to beat the game of blackjack has committed to memory. In 1962, Thorp published a book, "Beat the Dealer," which not only outlined basic blackjack strategy, but also put into print the first comprehensive method for counting cards, a method that he had used with success for years prior.

Although casual players often either misunderstood or had trouble implementing Thorp's strategies, they were threatening enough that the casinos took action, adding decks and reshuffling part of the way through, rather than going all the way to the last card.

Team Card Counting
Some years later, gambler Al Francesco refined the concept of "team counting," having one player count while making small bets and then signal to a bigger player when the count was high. This method made detection difficult for casino personnel, since no one on the team was varying their bets. Other blackjack card counters who came to prominence at this time included Ken Uston and Stanford Wong.

The MIT Blackjack Team
In 1993, a group of MIT students formed a blackjack team that would become famous. Although MIT had been fielding blackjack teams for some time (not officially sponsored MIT teams, but rather teams made up of MIT graduates and students), this particular team went on to win millions with their counting skills and refined team play system. Author Ben Mezrich chronicled their exploits in his book, "Bringing Down the House."

Although some of the members of that team gained celebrity status that precluded them from continuing at card counters, others continued to count and some continue to this day, constantly refining their methods to thwart the ever-watchful casino personnel.

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